Psalm 50

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In reading Psalm 50 this morning, I was so encouraged and convicted. The LORD will summon the earth for judgment one day. 

The Israelites were worshipping in the manner God had instructed them. He brought no charges against them concerning their sacrifices (v.eight). Yet, they had begun going through the motions rather than worshipping from the heart. The LORD testified against them that their worship had become rote and motivated by duty (v.7).  God has no need for our worship. We don’t worship because of His need (“If I were hungry I would not tell you,” v.12). We worship him by and because of our need!

Our worship cannot be impelled by habit — it must be heartfelt, thankful (“thank offerings”), and displayed by a life of obedience (“fulfill your vows” v.14). It must be grounded in knowledge of our dependence on Him (“call on me in the day of trouble” v.15). That is how we honor him. 

How am I being hypocritical in my daily life of worship? God’s “silence” (v.21) does not indicate approval of how I am living my life. What can I change about my day-to-day (as well as Sunday) worship of the LORD that will make my heart and actions line up?

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